Open Water Grill: Hatteras Restaurant Avon NC


Okay, so if you’ve been here or checked out our menu, you've probably already got the idea that the dishes at Open Water Grill are pretty top-notch – any Hatteras restaurant that has disciples for it chimichurri sauce must be doing something right. Then there are the dishes and drinks that rest at an even topper-notch. These items fall into the Great Plates category. Here at Open Water Grill, our Great Plates may include menu offerings and specialty dishes put together by the chef, and everyone at this Hatteras restaurant agrees that they should not be missed. As our general manager’s rule goes, “If we don’t make it better than anyone else, we get rid of it.” Whether it’s a featured dish of the day like a scallop succotash or a customer and house favorite like the fish taco dinner, trust us when we promise it’s a meal you won’t want to miss. And don’t forget that this Hatteras restaurant is a bar just as much as it is a grill – that’s why our Great Plates sometimes include Great Glasses too. Find out which of our fancy, handcrafted drinks we recommend above all of the others, though we can’t promise it’ll help narrow down your options. Great Plates are especially useful when deciding what you want to try. Caught between a few items on the menu? Scroll through here to see if any of them have achieved Great Plate status. Some of our Great Plate items change from day to day, depending on what we’re featuring as our specials, and others will always be there. Be sure to check out the listing below to see what’s featured.



Open Water Grill: Hatteras Restaurant Avon NC, Crab Mac 'n Cheese

Crab Mac 'n Cheese

Fresh crab claw meat, sharp cheddar, grilled bacon, onion and tomato all thrown in with elbow pasta in our house cheese sauce and served toasty with a cover of panko breading
Open Water Grill: Hatteras Restaurant Avon NC, Life Salad

Life Salad

Packed full of goodness with strawberries, blueberries, blue cheese crumbles, shaved almonds and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
Open Water Grill: Hatteras Restaurant Avon NC, Salmon Grill

Salmon Grill

A 9 oz. hand-cut fillet of either Mahi Tuna or Atlantic Salmon that arrives fresh in the OWG kitchen. Our snooty chefs filet, clean, and lightly season each cut in a manner that allows the tastes to speak for themselves. Served with mashers and veggies
Open Water Grill: Hatteras Restaurant Avon NC, Tacos


Your choice of fried shrimp or chicken with three flour tortillas, sided with kale slaw, rice, beans, cheese and house pico de gallo
Open Water Grill: Hatteras Restaurant Avon NC, World's Ugliest Chocolate Cake

World's Ugliest Chocolate Cake

This delight contains the 3 major dessert food groups: milk chocolate, Swiss chocolate, and dark chocolate. With so much chocolate goodness on one plate, you can clearly see we had no time to make her pretty! It's what's on the inside that counts!